About Dave Weaver


I am starting a new software company in Lancaster called Nolinio. We’re focused on mobile enterprise apps and mobile sales enablement. We have a platform that provides services for native apps like content management, user management and analytics. The platform also enables us to mass produce native apps for the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store.

Loggr (2010-Current)

With two startups under my belt, I wanted to take some time off and started contracting as a programmer for various companies. During this time I developed a SAAS web service called Loggr that assists companies in monitoring their web and mobile apps. Loggr monitors events and users in realtime while providing analytics, sharing and notifications for the team. This is a side project that I run with help from some friends.

Mission Research (2004-2010)

I was co-founder, product architect and CTO for Mission Research located in Lancaster, PA. Mission Research is a leading provider of fundraising management software for non-profits and makers of GiftWorks and GiftWorks Live. There I created an innovative desktop application framework enabling a small team to build, deploy and update their flagship product, GiftWorks. GiftWorks is simple fundraising management software being used by thousands of non-profits. I also created GiftWorks Live, a platform for online services that compliment the GiftWorks desktop product. Mission Research was acquired by Frontstream in 2012 where GiftWorks is still being sold.

Chilisoft (1996-2004)

Prior to starting Mission Research I helped start Chili!Soft which was also founded in Lancaster but moved in the first year to Bellevue, WA. At ChiliSoft we developed the first cross-platform Active Server Pages engine called Chili!ASP. ChiliSoft was acquired by Cobalt Networks in 2000 who was then acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2001. Chili!ASP is now being sold as Sun Java System Active Server Pages 4.0.

College (1990-1996)

I attended Penn State University for both my undergraduate and graduate studies. I graduated with degrees in Mechanical Engineering. During my graduate studies I created one of the first dynamic web engines called SlipScript which eventually turned into Chili!ASP.

Growing up

I grew up in Palmyra, PA with my parents Harold and Sondi and my brother Chad. At the age of 12 we moved to a small farm where my dad started the family business. I worked summers for that business until I graduated from college. I attended college in State College, PA where I met my wife, Michelle. I married Michelle in 96 and shortly after we moved to Washington state for Chili!Soft. We’ve recently moved back to PA and started a family.